Monday, November 19, 2012

book club circle journal


We've been exchanging circle journals for maybe 5-6 months in book club.  This was a page I made a number of months ago for a journal where we were tasked with create an imaginary world.  I actually found myself creating a girl and the world created itself.  It all started with one of the girls among the several I drew while having my car repaired. I went to the nearby Fedex Kinkos and asked them to shrink the head size for me.  I think I had them go to 75% and 50%.  Back at home, I cut a dress from a small bit of map & some wings from some patterned scrapbook paper. I believe I inked the edges of the wings.  I trimmed her hair to make it look a little neater, then I glued her together.  I then applied some Diamond Glaze or or 3D Crystal Lacquer to make it look as though she wasn't created from different bits of paper and give her some dimension.  The background is a watercolor wash with faux flowers and bits of bling.

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