Thursday, April 16, 2009

Carlsbad Flower Fields

The kid & I got in the car & drove up to the Carlsbad Flower Fields today. We had fun. It was educational for her since she was 'I wonder what this smells like mode.' She stopped to smell the roses, carnations, sweet peas (what a beautiful scent!) and other flowers.


Sweet Peas

They had some striking poinsettias in the green house. I'd never seen any like this before. They're called Flaming Spheres. Fitting, yes. Interesting name, yes.

Random end note about the Fields: The kid & I had a great time. The weather was nice. This close to the coast, it's good to have at least a light sweater. It's right next to the Carlsbad Outlet whatever place. We went there to grab some lunch at Ruby's Diner. There were numerous options for eating in the area. There were even picnic tables at the Flower Fields. The Fields gives entrance discounts for seniors, auto club members & military families. Kids under 3 are free. They have a nice outdoor play area. It wasn't super for the 3 year old set only because there were so many much bigger kids everywhere, even playing on the equipment meant for the 5 & under age group. They are open through May 10th. Their website is: