Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Alright...time to dust myself off & get back onto the horse, so to speak.  I burned out on trying to do a full project every day, even though some were really small.  For a few days after day 10, I kept thinking I would get back to doing it.  Nope.  I would have liked to have finished the full month but I didn't. 

Lesson for next time?  Maybe do a little more preparation in advance or do some sort of project where I add to it every day.  I saw a really cool 30 day embroidery project where someone made a grid and added a complete new square of embroidery every day.  I really like that idea.  Maybe even for art journaling or doing an inchie to add to a page each day?  Hmmm...still time to think on that one.

Even my work in progress ended up underneath some other bits and pieces.  I will get back to it/her.  I have a few ideas for her, yet.  I'm hoping to get a little work done on this project by next Tuesday at the latest.  Hopefully a little sooner.

I made this skirt for my daughter. I put together some ideas from a few different girls skirts I came across on Pinterest.  It was one of those projects where I wasn't quite sure how it would come out so I made sure not to get her hopes up but we were both happy with it. It was simple but still took a little planning since I'm still new to sewing.  I ended up making her a reversible headband with the same fabric on one side and bright pink on the other using this pattern from Happy Together Creates.   

We're doing a  few projects in book club.  For our swap of the quarter (trimester?), we're doing a prayer flag exchange.  I've started but...well, I better get moving on it since it will be really hard if I wait until the last minute.  We're also doing a circle journal.  For now we're each getting someone else's journal/scrapbook to take home for the month and do a page in it before bringing it back the next month.   This is the page I made for Elena's journal.  I used the song lyrics from Japanese Bowl by Peter Mayer. Here's the song along with Peter's explanation.  Worth a listen! 

How I did it

To the chipboard background I applied a mixture of 3D Crystal Lacquer and some of Terri Sproul's Shimmer Powder in aquamarine.  That created a really nice shimmer & some of the grayish-black areas in the background.  I stamped the diamond pattern (note to self: next time use Stazon or heat set with embossing powder).  I did a tape transfer of the song lyrics and applied that with...I think with Crystal Lacquer or some sort of medium.  Added a bit of tape the the lower right corner.  For the winged heart, I used chipboard pieces I had in my stash.  I painted them and brushed on a bit of gold Perfect Pearls to the heart. I cut the wing on the right side and then mixed some gold Perfect Pearls into some 3D Crystal Lacquer.  It served as both an adhesive to the wing and also as a medium for the gold.