Thursday, May 12, 2011

Packaging kits at The Whimsical Muse!

I've just added a packaging kit & new set of stickers to The Whimsical Muse on Etsy!  The kit is a set of 10 pink glassine lined bags, kraft paper heart stickers, recycled white starburst stickers & 10 yards of black & white baker's twine.  I love the color combination! 


Monday, May 2, 2011

Random update

 After a month long spring break, the kid returned to school today.  I would have enjoyed another day or two or five with her.  She was raring to return to her teacher, her friends and...math.  The nut.  I'd say she fell from her dad's side of the family since grandpa is a math nerd (taught university level math, retired but does math for fun) but my dad was an accountant & his sister taught junior high school math.  I can't blame it on the "other side."  The kid  knows full well homework will start after school today but was chomping at the bit to get out of the house this morning. 

Spring break: made cake pops with the kid, went to the library almost weekly, helped her finish sewing her felt elephant (it's so cute!), had her help me more with dinner prep (she absolutely loved that), spent some time painting with watercolors several times (she wants an art journal, yay!), went to the park several times, enjoyed a birthday party for one of her best friends, drove to L.A. to visit grandma (my mom), had a visit from the Easter bunny, went to a week of art camp (day camp) & more! 

I've got some more new items "coming soon" to this blog & to The Whimsical Muse!  I will be posting new things here as I list the items on Etsy.  

I'm absolutely thrilled to be heading to the CREATE Mixed Media Art retreat in Costa Mesa later this month!  I've not been as obsessive about gathering my supplies as I was for CREATE in Chicago last year.  Time to get moving!  It will be so nice to just throw everything in the back of my car rather than worrying about packing everything for the airplane & drive up there.  At this point, I'm thinking that I will probably keep my shop open & simply mail everything when I get back home.  I do plan on being able to return convos (messages) daily but probably not until the end of each day. 

How's that for a random update?