Saturday, December 1, 2012

book club circle journals

Catching up on the past few months of circle journals.  This first one "wish you were here" was for a travel related journal.  I made the paperclip with wire & made a faux polaroid picture using one of my vacation photos that I manipulated in Pic Monkey. I made the title using Photoshop. 

This next page was for a journal about dogs.   The sentiment is mine: "I've always thought I'd love a St. Bernard that remained the size of a puppy."  Perhaps I could justify a small St. Bernard (I love them!) if it were to be the size of a shoe box?  For this page, I used scrapbook paper, the yellow paper has a bit of gesso & some sort of spray on the bottom over a stencil, inked the edges of the paper & called it good.

I may have a new circle journal page at the end of the week.