Tuesday, May 22, 2012

works in progress

Just popping in to share some work in progress.  

These are based on what I've learned & played with from Suzi Blu's Mixed Media Girls (the book of the current cycle for the Creating Outside of the Book book club).  I haven't copied her designs, I've played with the ideas and tried to focus on some basics.  I've pretty much thought of drawing as something that's just not my thing & that I'm not all that good at it.  Seeing the other gals from my book club bringing in absolutely amazing pieces of art they drew and painted in classes with Suzi Blu, I figured I'd give the book a try but wouldn't put much hope into it.  I have to say that I'm truly surprised by my results.  We don't have symmetry or any sort of perfection but that's okay with me.  I'm just happy that my girls don't look like a poorly done Picasso imitation.  You know what I mean?

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