Monday, August 16, 2010

fairy bottles, The Art Bar & more!

I went to The Art Bar in Santa Ana on Saturday for a lesson from Miss Vicky on soldering & making fairy bottles with some gals from the Scrapbook Club (plus a few others).  What fun!  You just cannot go wrong with Miss Vicky.  She's a hoot...and then some!  The Art Bar is fantastic, too.  For such a small space, they sure have a bit of everything for mixed media & more.  The cool part, well, too me anyway, is that they have a "bar" where you can buys "shots" of paint & whatnot.  How cool is that?

After The Art Bar, we went for lunch at The Filling Station in Orange.  I got so lost on the way & have no clue how I ended up finding this place.  No GPS, no map of the area, didn't call or get directions.  I do have a pretty good sense of direction but know very little about getting around Orange County.  I'll just call it my internal GPS :-) 

After lunch, we wandered through wonderful little & big antique shops.  So many fantastic things to see.  So many temptations that I passed up.  I gave in to the Red Velvet cupcake at The Perfect Circle Cupcakery.  It was well worth giving in.

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