Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CREATE and Kindergarten

Things have been fantastic!  Busy yes, but fantastic. I closed both Etsy shops for about 2 weeks toward the end of August.  I went to the Cloth, Paper, Scissors CREATE retreat in Chicago, IL.  While I did my utmost to be ready with supplies in hand at the retreat, it seemed as though there were still a few more to buy when I arrived in Chicago and still a few I wished I had while in several workshops.  It was five really full days.  I really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and simply play.  The instructors were full of techniques and ideas.  While I would end each day utterly exhausted, I still found myself wanting to work on more of whatever I had done that day.  My projects remain unfinished but at some point I will post pictures, finished or not, along with bits of info from the workshops I took, as well as some more about CREATE. 

My little one started all-day Kindergarten yesterday, so we've been figuring out all of the details (like how to get her to school by 7:35 am...okay, before the tardy bell rings at 7:40 am...we're working on becoming early birds, what to bring for lunch and snack, remembering to prep as much as possible in advance since it really does...).  We did what seems to be the requisite running around to pick up some back-to-school clothing, shoes, a lunch box and whatnot over the weekend.  It wasn't crazy but it was things to get done.  Since she's in school all week now, things are changing with my schedule.  I'm not sure how things will look in a month but for now, it seems like I have a bit more time on my hands.  The school is on a year-round plan so I will have a month here and there where being "mom" will be my main focus.

That's all for now :)