Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A beautiful day in San Diego

It's been another lovely day in San Diego! It was about 80 degrees according to the thermometer in my car (haha!). The kid & I went to lovely touristy Seaport Village today. My ulterior motive was to hit up the Village Hat Shop & pick up a hat to wear outside while of course providing the kid with a fun day out. The kid loved the carousel aka merry-go-round (she calls it a "merry-go-around") even though she reported it was a bit "bumpy" when going up and down. I found myself a bucket hat in sort of a dusty denim at the hat shop (it will be so cute when I pin on a flower...maybe even the one from ThiliBlooms). We shared some popcorn. Several random birds including a duck seemed to think we were rude for not sharing more since they kept moving closer every time it looked like we were going to drop a bit of popcorn. The kid kept trying to "shoo bird" them away with only a little luck. We wandered around a few other stores including the kite shop before calling it a day.